My name is Rachel. I'm 30 years old and I live in Oregon, USA. I grew up in Southern California. I've loved old movies for most of my life. In recent years, I've become more interested in the stars of old movies. I started collecting vintage fan magazines and reading biographies.

I started a Tumblr blog in 2012 about Old Hollywood and general vintage things. I started this Blogspot blog in October 2013 because I felt that it gave me more freedom with the way I wanted to do things. I still post to Tumblr occasionally (although I mostly reblog now; there are lots of great Old Hollywood blogs on Tumblr!), but I want to focus on my Blogspot blog from now on.

Some of the images I post on this blog were originally posted to my Tumblr, which is why they may say "lanallure" or "thisisnodream" somewhere on them (my current Tumblr name and my former name). I will NEVER post someone else's personal edits or scans to my blog without giving them proper credit and linkage. If there's no credit, that means it's from my Tumblr blog, or the image probably came from somewhere such as IMDb or eBay. I would greatly appreciate it if my images were not posted elsewhere on the Internet, especially my scans! They come from magazines and books that I paid for and I put a lot of work into scanning and editing them.

I apologize if you think that adding a watermark to my scanned images "ruins" them in anyway, but I'm just trying to prevent my scans from being reposted elsewhere to the Internet and from prints being sold on eBay.

Also I apologize for the ads on my blog but I'm just hoping to make a few bucks. TV service isn't cheap and I need my TCM!

Thank you for reading this and for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy it!